Choosing the Right Chemistry


This information is for assist you in choosing the proper choosing the proper chemistry for maximum quality at her lowest operational cost. The following conditions should be considered when selecting products:

CPAC Asia can fulfill every need across this wide range of variables.


One major factor in choosing chemistry is “chemical turnover”.  This represents the number of times the solution in the working tank of the processor is replaced with an equal volume of replenisher over a specified time period. We recommend a minimum of one chemical turnover every two weeks. For optimum results, the tank should be turned over once every week or less.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local sewer districts (POTW) have become more stringent concerning waste water discharged to the environment. There for, it may be important to decrease the concentration of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) as well as silver, ammonia and total dissolved solids. Depending on the size of the lab and the process used, low replenishment and/or regenerated chemistry can reduce BOD and COD in a facility’s effluent, while reducing chemical usage and operational cost.